SIFUKO Project

Simulator For Wireless Communication Networks based on RCS


Within the framework of the SIFUKO (SImulator For Wireless CommUnication NetworKs based On RCS) project, AWE Communications develops a software package for the simulation and analysis of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) networks. Vehicles consisting of thousands of polygons will be substituted by their radar cross sections (RCS) in order to accelerate the computation time and thus allow the simulation of very large and complex scenarios.


SIFUKO is scheduled for 18 months, starting at Oct, 2010. The project is co-funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Research) within the KMU-Innovationsoffensive.



AWE Communications develops


Project partner Electromagnetic Software and Systems (EMSS), also located in the southern part of Germany, will contribute radar cross sections of vehicles for the simulation of typical traffic scenarios.



 Contributions of AWE Communications to SIFUKO

The contributions of AWE Communications in the framework of SIFUKO are:

  • Development and implementation of a module for the simulation of time variant radio channels

  • Development of models for the calculation of radar cross sections and antenna patterns of vehicles

  • Conception and implementation of a software tool for the definition of typical traffic scenarios

  • Validation of the new approach


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